If you’re having a problem losing weight, it’s probably not because you aren’t making good food choices. It may be because you’re not eating enough calories to lose Weight! I know it's mind blowing because we have been made to think eat less to lose and it's not the case🤯 .

When girls people start dieting, they usually drastically reduce their food intake (calories) and start doing loads of exercise, that’s fine, but they usually cut their calories way too low probably around 1200 then do a lot of exercise which they didn't previously do which can leave them in an extreme calorie deficit that is working against them! 😳 .

Your body is super smart and senses a large decrease in calories through eating less and moving ALOT more. Your large calorie deficit might work for days or even weeks, but eventually your body will notice & sound alarms to conserve energy (PLATEAU).🧐

Your body will then think "I'm not getting alot of food here to function so I'm going to hold onto what I get".😒 So instead if you eat 1 meal per day try eating 2, increase that to 3, start small, use a calorie calculator and aim to lose 0.5lb or 1lb per week which will give you a realistic number instead of an immediate drop to 1200 calories which is definitely not sustainable long term.😜

Instead of 2 or 3lb per week start slow and let your body adapt without shitting itself which will leave you feeling, tired, fatigued, moody and overall like crap.😴

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