Are you inaccurate with your calorie counting?

Are you inaccurate with your calorie counting?

Tracking your food intake accurately is crucial for effective weight loss. Some common foods that people might forget to scan into MyFitnessPal, nutricheck or other tracking apps include';

- Cooking oils used in meal preparation

- Sauces

- Beverages (like orange/apple juices or sugary drinks)

- Sweets in the work place

- Licking the spoon after peanut butter

- Milk and sugar added to teas and coffees

- Forgetting to track the butter on your toast

- Eating the rest of your kids/partners dinner

These items can add up in terms of calories and macros, so it's important to be mindful of them and include them in your tracking. If you not accurate the scales will reflect that so make sure your 100% honest!

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