Can you have a social life & lose weight?

Can you have a social life & lose weight?


I remember stressing out because i was going on a hen weekend to Liverpool. I was working on a personal goal and it wasn't ideal to be eating pizza, kebabs and drinking 2 night but guess what...I still lost weight at my check in.

❌️You don't need to stick to a boring meal plan

❌️You don't need to workout for hours in the gym

❌️You don't need to be tied to a treadmill

And you definitely don't need to starve yourself

✅️Move your body often

✅️Eat less than you need (be in a deficit for weightloss)

✅️Primarily focus on lifting weight and some cardio (you won't get big, even men can struggle to do this and it can take years)

✅️Don't drop your calories to 1200 or less get a coach or ask for advice for a qualified professional. Use the calorie calculator then every 4 weeks as your weight changes you can recalculate.

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