Can you loose weight in 4 weeks?

Can you loose weight in 4 weeks?


Kaitlyn my online client absolutely smashed her plan for Ibiza. These photos were only 4 weeks in, and the results are simply amazing. This was a last minute push to lose as much as possible which is never ideal but we made a plan and she got her head down and committed fully.

Here she trained 5 days per week in the gym plus cardio, we entered a larger calorie deficit because we had a very short time frame to work with. We prioritised 30g protein in each meal minimum and allowing for 1 off plan meal and some alcohol.

Summers fast approaching. Fat loss is simply eating less (calorie deficit)and moving more (increasing your output. You have all the tools at your finger tips with Access All Areas, lets do this!! Its time to transform into the best version of you!  

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