I’ve been there before ... more and more exercise to burn off those extra calories. I’d starve myself the next day and decide to do way more extra cardio. It was binge one day and absolutely restrict myself the next day. There was no in-between. This would go on for weeks.

I’d go 3-4 days with “regular” eating than have a day where I’d binge and then the cycle would repeat itself all over again. It was mentally and physically exhausting, i was frustrated with myself for doing it.

So how did I get out of this? 

Instead of punishing myself every time I binge ate I would tell myself “It’s okay, the next day I need to just get back to my regular eating”. The next day would come around and I’d go back to my normal day and keep reminding myself that the extra exercise will only damage my mindset long term. Also, starving myself only made me more frustrated because I was so hungry and had no energy to do anything else.

It’s a vicious cycle until i learned how my body worked around time of the month and how to bank calories to allow for extra food on days i needed/wanted it. Be aware that the week leading up to your period and the week of it can have you feeling low energy, weak and tired which can lead to overeating or reaching for food to fuel you. 


I suggest filling up on veggies, protein and also allowing for a sweet treat each day to look forward to so you don't feel deprived and it fits within your calories set for your goal!

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