Eat all your favourite foods and reach your goals?!

Eat all your favourite foods and reach your goals?!

The industry has made us believe that its one extreme or the other. That you can’t enjoy the foods you love and also reach your goals. That being strict is the only way to reach your goals. I’ll be honest, you will have to make some sacrifices. You won’t be able to eat everything and anything to reach your goals.

But there’s some good news ... but first a story. I remember spending months & months at home eating out of tupperware and eating the exact same meals every single day. I was miserable. I was frightened to go off track incase the scales went up. I was in a dark place, fearing food and having no social life is no way to live.

I thought that was how life would be if I wanted to be lean and toned. I thought if only I could be perfect with my nutrition that I would be happy.

Sound familiar? It took me months to figure it out for myself so here’s the good news. You 100% can eat pizza and drink alcohol and reach your goals. You can go out with your kids and have ice cream and reach your goals. You can go out with friends and enjoy a nice dinner and reach your goals.

This is possible. Does feeling defeated every-time you “go back on track” just to fall off the wagon again sound better to you? I’ve experienced this vicious cycle of yo yoing.

I don’t want anyone to keep going through it. So ... how did I find that balance? How did I go from eating the same meals day in and day out to having the flexibility to eat whatever I want?

Iv put together a PDF document called De-Coding My Fitness Pal, in it i share all my tips and tricks that helped me track calories and have a great relationship with food. If you'd like a free copy send me an email

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