How to stay on track at the weekend!

How to stay on track at the weekend!

ATTACK THE WEEKEND!  What is the point being "good" for 5 days just to undo it Saturday and point whatsoever‼️

Here's some tips ahead of the weekend⬇️

Bank calories through the week Monday to Friday. If you know your going out in advance bank 100-200 calories during the week instead of 1700 daily have 1500 for example doing this you can then add your saved calories from during the week to you Saturday or Sunday calories 1700 + 1000 calories, this means you have a total of 2700 calories to have drinks or a meal or both without sabotaging your progress.🍓

Last minute plans? I'd advise you to save at least 1000 calories, so for example, 1700 is your goal eat 700 of those calories over your breakfast and lunch, basing your meals around protein, and enjoy your meal/night out🌯 Choose lower calorie drinks, vodka/gin with sugar-free mixers, or prosecco is low depending on the amount🥂

Plan the food you're going to eat on the day of your hangover, again basing it round protein. Track it in advance, and you'll back back on track without any temptation!🤗 Tag a friend who needs this plan of attack🥳

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