What diet will work for you?

What diet will work for you?

Finding a diet that works for you takes research and experimenting. I have experimented with so many different diets you wouldn't believe, but the one and only one that has ever and continues to work for me is calorie counting. Why? believe it gives me freedom and a life!

The issue is that most diets are started because someone is looking for a quick fix. The reason people see so much success from “diets” in the short term is because usually their normal “diet” created them to be unhealthy in the first place (excess amount of calories, more processed foods, no nutrient dense foods) and now that they found this new “diet” it is creating them to adapt healthier habits.

Your health is a main priority and yes to become healthier sometimes weight loss is the answer, but if weight loss is your only focus and you disregard all the other important benefits of your physical, mental, hormonal and spiritual health than doing said “diet” probably shouldn’t be your answer. There’s so much more to losing weight.

Once you start prioritizing your health and making sure you feel better first is when you will start to see the physical changes you were looking for. Asides from the fact counting calories on an app allows you to control your food consumption, it educates you in terms of food values for example what foods are high in fat, or what foods are high in protein, or what foods are actually sabotaging your progress.

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