You deserve a flexible approach!

You deserve a flexible approach!

“I am fat, I hate how I look”. “I’ve tried everything and nothing is working”.

These were my thoughts the first couple years of my journey. It’s not easy waking up every morning and looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling disgusted with how you look. I kept second guessing my progress.

I knew that if I wanted to reach my goals that I needed to find something I actually enjoyed. I was so tired of following what the fitness industry prescribed as the norm. Starve yourself, eat of tupperwares and be super strict. While this works for some people, for most of the population this is not sustainable.

Fitness / nutrition should compliment your life not take over your life. Don’t get me wrong with any goal you will have to make some sacrifices. For example, saying no to those extra two cookies to have that glass of wine instead. Saying no to the bread and appetizers so you can have the desert later instead. Opting out on having those extra slices of pizza to go out and have drinks with your friends later.

Those are some examples of what I want for you. To be able to have the freedom of enjoying your life but also knowing with time and building habits that life can be enjoyable. That it doesn’t have to be so black and white.

You can enjoy social events and treats within reason, you can live life and have the body you always dreamed of but all in good time, short term sacrifices do have to be made for long term success, once you get to your goal you change from deficit to maintenance and this allows for even greater flexibility!

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