OWF global online coaching and accountability group led by Olivia is the membership that keeps giving. It's a place where people from around the world come together to support each other on their health and fitness journeys. Olivia believes that we should cover all basis mind - body - soul and aims to give you exactly that with this incredible community. OWF provides the tools for nutrition and helps you tackle the monthly workout challenges with full workout routines and new recipes added in montly to give you even more choice. Once you join this incredibe unity you won't look back. As busy women, Olivia strongly believes we need unwavering support and that is what you will have - a support system that helps you stay accountable, take on challenges and aquire knowledge for life about nutrition and what to eat to compliment your workout journey. In addition, within the group you will be able to tune to GUEST EXPERTS who will go LIVE WITHIN THE GROUP to discuss specific topics to help you. We know the importance of physical movement and taking care of our mental well-being for everyone which is why we have made it suitable for any fitness level from complete beginner to advanced. Let's join together, rewire our brains & attain our highest level of self confidence. There’s no limit to what you can achieve when you combine structured fitness programmes, real lift eating plans, and an unshakeable mindset. All you have to do is start - your future self will thank you. DON'T WAIT! JOIN THE GROUP TODAY AND KICKSTART YOUR JOURNEY