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Chicken Caesar Salad

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

1 medium chicken breast 2 lean bacon medallions iceburg or baby gem lettuce & cherry tomtaoes halved 25g parmesan cheese 2 tbsp tesco healthy livining ceaser sauce or use a calorie free ceaser sauce 1 small slice of wholemal bread (nimble or be good bread under 80 calories paprika and garlic salt)

Cook your chicken breast and bacon in the oven  (you can prep a few chicken fillets and medallions in advance to make life easier for yourself). Toast your bread and then cut into small square (this will be your croutons). Shred lettuce and chop tomatoes, then cut your chicken and bacon into strips, add  altogether, put sauce over the top & add your cheese and croutons. Sprinkle paprika and garlic salt to finish.

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