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Nutella or High Protein Chocolate Spread?

LETS SEE WHAT ONE IS BEST! . (All prices taken from Tesco) NUTELLA⤵️ (15g) price £2.70 calories 80 fat 4.6g . SWEET FREEDOM⤵️ (15g) price £3.00 calories 42 fat 1.2g . GRENADE CARB KILLA⤵️ (15g) price £6.00 calories 80 fat 6g . With there being almost half the calories in sweet freedom and only 30p difference between it and the Nutella I would get the sweet freedom less fat less calories. Also the squeeze bottle of sweet freedom is only £2.75. Grenade is just marketed really well and so think they can change £6.00 which is a rip off. . Sweet freedom wins for me😁

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