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What to expect from the 8 week Create Your Curves Challenge.


❗️STARTS 8th January 2024❗️


* Personalised training plan (home or gym plan)


* Personalised nutrition plan with food that you'll enjoy!


* Weekly check-ins & updates on your nutrition plan


* Access to a WhatsApp group chat with all the other ladies taking part in the challenge


*Costs the price of your daily coffee. Less than £3.60 per day. Having the body you love is priceless!


Check out my clients results on Instagram (highlights)


(IMPORTANT) Once your plan is purchased, you will receive a downloadable assessment form in your email. Please complete the assessment form and send it back to me ASAP at oliviawillisfitness@gmail.comì

8 Week Challenge - Create Your Cruves

  • Please complete following assessment form

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