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Calorie Conscious Cooking

Calorie Conscious Cooking

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Choose from 48 delicious low calorie recipes curated by Olivia Willis.

Calorie Conscious Cooking is a downloadable recipe book that contains 48 low calorie recipes under 450 calories. I created this to make eating well and losing weight as easy as possible, with simple household ingredients, no more than a 5 step process and simple to make because we all live a busy life and the last thing we want to do is spend hours in the kitchen. My recipe ebook is straight from my kitchen to yours. Designed and eaten by me, tested on my friends and family to get feedback and its safe to say they were a hit! There are 14 breakfast, 14 lunch, 14 dinner and 14 dessert recipes in the book, each with their own macronutrient breakdown making it easy to track. I understand that nutrition and knowing what to eat is the biggest struggle for most when it comes to losing weight. But this will be your saving grace, with all low calorie recipes you can easily stick to your calorie deficit on a daily basis without it feeling like a diet. Not wanting to lose weight just maintaining and want some meal inspiration? Perfect even better, have more meals and don't forget to tag me in your socials, I can wait to see what you make!

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